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2013 Spring Newsletter

From The President,
The ice is off the lake and it's time to prepare for another season at Loon Lake. Summer 2013 will be busy as we take another major step to control the spread of milfoil. The APA permit was unanimously approved which gives us an opportunity to aggressively attack the dense beds of milfoil at the south end of the lake. In addition, Lycott Environmental will continue to hand harvest in selected areas around the lake and place benthic matting at locations experiencing larger growths of milfoil. Our volunteers will support the efforts of Lycott through their active involvement as divers, scouts, mat preparation and a myriad of activities. So expect to see work at the south end early this year and activity in the rest of the lake throughout the summer. Unfortunately, other invasive species are finding their way to the Adirondacks and we will need to become more vigilant and knowledgeable as we seek solutions in combating these issues. The LLPDA will continue to make invasive species our priority.

The Calendar of Events outlines the many educational, recreational and social activities planned by our volunteers. Please mark your calendars and join us. Note that some of our events are space limited and registration is required so, if interested, sign up early for these events. If you wish to volunteer to assist with any of the events, please complete the volunteer form or call the event leader directly. We think our families, children and adults, will enjoy the activities that are offered.

The LLPDA continues to play a major role in representing and addressing issues that directly impact the Park District residents. Our membership continues to grow--we are now nearly 300 families strong. Thank you in advance for your continued support. If you have not been a member, we encourage you to join. As always, feel free to contact any board member or myself with any comments or suggestions.

Best wishes for an enjoyable summer,

Ed Griesmer, President, LLPDA


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2013 Spring Newsletter

2013 Calendar of Events

Annual Meeting Notification
The Board of Directors encourages all members to attend the 2013 Loon Lake Park District Associations' Annual Meeting. The meeting will start at 10:00am on July 14 in the Marv Cole Auditorium at the Town of Chester Municipal Center. Business to be transacted will include the President and Treasurers Report, Presentation on the 2013 Milfoil Plan and Renovate OTF Project, Committee reports and other lake related updates. There will also be an election for the following officer positions for a three year term, President, 1st VP and Secretary.

Lake Stewards to Provide Boat Inspections at Boat Launch
The Town of Chester working with the LLPDA will be offering courtesy boat inspections at the LLPD Boat Launch. Lake Stewards will be at the boat launch from 7:00am until 3:00pm from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Boaters entering and leaving the lake will be asked to have their boats inspected to ensure that the boat, motor, trailer, fishing tackle, bait boxes, etc. are free from milfoil and any other invasive species that would affect our lake as well as other water bodies. In addition, Lake Stewards will be providing educational information on invasive species and how we can help identify and prevent their spread to our lakes.

Milfoil management the last two years has       removed a total of 137,315 plants from 35 sites.  Of the 41 known milfoil sites, 30 were cleared,  6 were significantly reduced, and 5 have yet to be managed. Some plants will return to cleared sites however, and during  our final sweep of 2011,    relatively low numbers of plants were seen in a few previously cleared areas. Thus, at present, there are at least 15 sites with some  milfoil present, 11 of which still require significant management. The outlet will require management beyond the 2012 effort, however a large  time block will be allocated to those sites under the 2012 contract. Otherwise, we are   currently on pace to bring all but 2-3 existing milfoil sites into controlled status by the end   of 2012 operations.

Annual LLPDA Dinner-Dance
Join your friends and neighbors at the 3rd annual LLPDA Diner-Dance to be held at Cronin's Golf Resort Patio on Friday evening August 16th at 6:00pm. Dance away to the sounds of Bobby Dick and Suzie Q. Experience an Authentic Texas Chicken BBQ with corn-on-the cob, baked beans, cole slaw and corn bread. Also includes beer, wine, soda, cake and coffee. SIGN UP ASAP as space is limited and last year was sold out. The cost per person for LLPDA members is $30.00. Make checks payable to "LLPDA-Dinner Dance" and send to LLPDA, 28 Sonoma Point Road, Chestertown, NY 12817. Please add a contact phone number in case we need to reach you. Reservations will be made on a first come first served basis. Please do not send checks after July 31. Any checks received after the event has reached capacity will be returned and your name will be noted in case of any cancellations. For details or questions, contact Glen/Pat Vogel 494-7604 or George/Kathy Greenwood 494-5725.

Free Fishing Weekend, June 29-30

Were you aware that during the last weekend in June, ANYONE can fish in NYS waters and NO license is required? It is true, so dust off the old rod and reel and get out there. Try fishing for the first time, invite friends to Loon Lake to fish, take a spouse, a child or grandchild….and have fun!

Swim Lessons at the Beach
Lifeguards are now being hired by the Town of Chester and we anticipate that they will be trained and offering Swim Lessons at the Beach this summer. Please check with the Life Guards, the announcement board at the Beach and/or the LLPDA Website to confirm dates and times.

Make a difference . . . .Volunteer in 2013!
Our priority is to support the 2013 plan to remove milfoil and control its spread. Other tasks and events can also use help. Please select one or more areas depending on your interests and abilities and return this form with your dues to LLPDA, PO Box 301, Chestertown, NY 12817. Contact Ed Griesmer at 494-2210 or 792-7862
or any of the Event Leaders directly if you want more details or have questions.

Milfoil Program (2013 PRIORITY).

_______Assist as a certified volunteer diver.

_______Work to identify milfoil in designated areas.

_______Accompany dive boat, help divert traffic from the dive area while hand harvesting is taking place.

_______Assist in preparing mats to be placed in the lake.

_______Collecting milfoil fragments when hand harvesting taking place.

Other Tasks & Events

_______Help with the Fishing Derby

_______Assist at Water Carnival / Field Day

_______Join the Golf Committee

_______Assist with Sailboat races


_______Help filing for non-profit status for the LLPDA

_______Assist with communications, public relations, signage for events, newsletter, etc.

_______Provide general assistance as needed



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