Lake Ecology & Preservation

The ecology section was designed to help educate people on the impact of their actions in the Loon Lake area. We feel that educating the public is our best defense against damage to the ecology. We want everyone to enjoy the lake for generations to come.
Clean Boats = Clean Lakes! EurasianWater Milfoil grows and spreads really fast. So fast, that it can choke out native plants and reduce the amount of light that reaches into the lake. This aggressive growth kills off other native aquatic plants. And when the native plants can't grow, other aquatic species that rely on the native plants for food and shelter have trouble surviving. Eurasian Water Milfoil's dense growth makes it difficult for invertebrates and other organisms that fish eat to survive. So, with less to eat and less open water, fish populations also decrease.
Don't Feed The Ducks or Geese!! Feeding the ducks and Geese will propagate swimmer's itch in the area where the birds are being fed as well as upset the natural balance and duck population. Swimmer's itch or schistosome cercarial dermatitis is a skin reaction that certain people have to the entry of a larval stage of certain flatworms into the epidermal layer of the skin. After the parasite enters, it dies and may cause dermatitis in individuals who have been previously sensitized. This sensitivity will rarely disappear; it usually get worse to subsequent exposures.
You are responsible for the damage caused by the wake from your boat, it also causes major shoreline erosion Waves have impact on the environment by: eroding the shoreline, disturbing shoreline plants and wetland habitats, disturbing aquatic ecosystems, and swamping nests of loons and other waterfowl. Waves have impact on people by: damaging docks and boats, interfering with safe navigation, upsetting canoes and small boats, and causing danger to swimmers.

Eurasian Milfoil Management Report May 23 - May 26, 2016
Eurasian Milfoil Management Report May 31 - June 3, 2016
Eurasian Milfoil Management Report July 5 - July 8, 2016
Eurasian Milfoil Management Report July 11 - July 14, 2016
Eurasian Milfoil Management Report - Final - 2016

Adirondack Lake Assessment Program 2020 Report

Provided by Rensselaer

Date collected: September 13, 2017 Collector: Fregoe/ Flynn
Date analyzed: September 13, 2017  

Sample # Site Time Collected Time Analyzed Analyst Fecal coliform (#colonies/100 ml)
17-517 Blythewood Island, North Cove 9:25 AM 11:50 AM LEA less than 1
17-518 Freligh's Beach 10:14 AM 11:52 AM LEA 2
17-519 Baxter Culvert 9:40 AM 11:54 AM LEA 1
17-520 Burke's Cottage 9:42 AM 11:57 AM LEA less than 1
17-521 Blythewood Island Point 9:22 AM 12:00 PM LEA less than 1
17-522 Henry & Lorrie's Cottage 9:37 AM 12:03 PM LEA less than 1
17-523 Jaffe Bay 9:55 AM 12:06 PM LEA less than 1
17-524 Nick Spring 9:29 AM 12:10 PM LEA less than 1
17-525 Loon Lake Heights Bay 9:14 AM 12:13 PM LEA 1
17-526 Blythewood Island South 9:19 AM 12:15 PM LEA 1
17-527 Martin's Cove 10:17 AM 12:18 PM LEA 1
17-528 Emily Lane culvert 10:20 AM 12:20 PM LEA 3
17-529 Clark culvert 9:59 AM 12:25 PM LEA 1
17-530 culvert R & a- Crazy Spring 9:46 AM 12:28 PM LEA less than 1
17-531 Chester Shores beach 10:07 AM 12:32 PM LEA less than 1
17-532 Loon Lake beach 10:10 AM 12:35 PM LEA 11
17-533 Blue Bay 10:03 AM 12:38 PM LEA less than 1
17-534 Green Cottages 9:32 AM 12:45 PM LEA less than 1
17-535 Oberman dock 9:49 AM 12:48 PM LEA 1
Results submitted by: Laurie Ahrens

Sample results relate only to the sample received and to tests performed.

Procedures Used:
Total Coliform: Membrane Filter with LES Endo Agar, 9222 A,B,C (NELAC certified)
Fecal Coliform: Membrane Filter with LES Endo Agar, 9222 D (NELAC certified)
* Fecal Streptococci: Membrane Filter with KF Agar, not NELAC certified
TNTC: Too Numerous To Count
?: refers to count with high background bacteria
MAT: refers to high background colonies (nontarget bacteria)
lt = less than

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Phone (518) 644-3541 | Fax (518) 644-3640 | |

  • The current EPA recommendation for body-contact recreation is fewer than 100 colonies/100 mL
  • For fishing and boating, fewer than 1000 colonies/100 mL
  • For domestic water supply, for treatment, fewer than 2000 colonies/100 mL.
  • The drinking water standard is less than 1 colony/ 100 ml.
As we can see from the report, the water quality of the lake is very good. This is an excellent indicator of the overall health of the lake.

Who should belong?
All residents in the area surrounding Loon Lake not just those on the lake!

What is its purpose?
The Association has worked to protect and enhance the interests of property owners and users for over 75 years.

What does the $20 annual membership buy?
The Association has organized and sponsered the following events

Fishing Derby

State Certified and Required Safe Boating Course

Water Carnival and Field Day

Sailboat Races

Marv Cole LLPDA Golf Tournament

Annual Meeting

Covered Dish Supper and Entertainment

Boat Parade

All of these are based on membership interest and providing opportunities for you and your family to meet others in the area.

Newsletters each year issued to keep you informed of activities and happenings.

The Association is also concerned with lake safety issued in the following

Annual buoy installation and removal

Maintenence of the dam

Water quality testing and reporting

Milfoil education and watch

Shore erosion

Lake speed limits and responsible boat operation

Working with Town government on issues affecting Association membership as well as lake management issues.

This year the Loon Lake Park District Association is pleased to offer greater choice in membership options. We continue to offer our basic membership annual dues at $20 but will offer additional choices for sponsors looking to help finance lake stewardship. We will be offering membership levels as follows:

Membership ..........................$ 20.00

Family Sponsor....................$ 30.00

Gold Sponsor........................$ 50.00

Platinum Sponsor..............$100.00

Membership in the Loon Lake Park District Association will provide opportunities for fun and help in maintaining the Loon Lake area for you, your family and their families in the future.

Membership is easy, just complete the application and mail it with a check or money order


We welcome people who would like to make a difference. 
There are many ways that you can volunteer your time and talents for the good of our lake.

  • Clean up and prevention of milfoil.
  • Gardening and planting in public areas.
  • Promote the Loon Lake Association and distribute information to your neighbors.
  • Be a part of a committee
  • Share your experience, knowledge and talents on upcoming events.
  • Help to organize and support an event such as:

The Marv Cole Golf Tournament

Fishing Derby

Sailboat Regatta

Boat Parade

Water Carnival

Family Hike Day

Boater Safety Course

Adopt A Highway

Now is the time to step up and be a part of our lake.  We must cherish our history, look forward and prepare for our future and be accountable to our lake.  Should you require additional information or would like to contact us, please call 494-2210

Questions or comments?
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