Community Notes

The Town of Chester Public Library
Warren County, New York
Library Hours and Contact Information:
The Town of Chester Library
PO Box 451
Chestertown, NY 12817

Monday - 9am to 1pm (July & August only)
Tuesday - 9am to 1pm
Wednesday - 9am to 6pm
Thursday - 1pm to 6pm
Friday - 9am to 6pm
Saturday - 9am to 1pm

The Town of Chester Historian's office and Museum of Local History
Located on the second floor of the Municpal Center in the hamlet of Chestertown.

Donna Lagoy
c/o Town Hall,
PO Box 423
Chestertown NY 12817, 494-7983
Hous by appointment


Open in the Summer season only
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
10am to 3pm

The Town of Chester Municipal Center
Located on Main Street (Route 9) in the hamlet of Chestertown.

The Municipal Center is the location for:

The Assessors Office (518-494-3515)
The Bookkeeper's Office (518-494-2711)
The Clerk's Office (518-494-5160)
The Food Pantry
The Historical Museum
The Library (518-494-5384)
The Town Court (518-494-3133)
The Town Historian's Office (494-7983)
The Town Supervisor's Office (518-494-2711)
The Zoning and Planning Office (494-7369)

Transfer Station Hours & Fees:
Sunday - 9:00am to 4:45 pm

Monday - 9:00am to 4:45 pm

Tuesday - closed

Wednesday - closed

Thursday - 9:00am to 4:45 pm

- 9:00am to 4:45 pm

Saturday - 9:00am to 4:45 pm

A permit, available for $5.00 at the Transfer Station, is needed.


Recyclables - no charge

Glass, tin, plastic bottles (with a neck), aluminum, newspapers, magazines, household batteries, aerosol cans, and cardboard.

Items need to be rinsed out and labels and caps removed; separate glossy paper and inserts from newspapers and place with junk mail and magazines.

Flatten cardboard boxes.

Garbage Bags
0-16 gallon size $2.00
17-32 gallon $3.00
33-40 gallon $4.00
Over 40 gallon $9.00

Under 14" $1.00
14"-16" $2.00
17"-20" $3.00

Propane Tanks
Small $4.00
Medium $5.00
Large $6.00
Mattress, box spring,
chair, small tv, microwave, computer
Couch, large tv, $5.00
VCR $3.00
Sleeper couch $9.00
Refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner $10.00
No charge for some other appliances - see attendant

Construction and Demolition Material
$30.00 per cubic yard

Burn Pile
Brush only. No charge. See attendant.

Metal Pile
No charge. See attendant.


Rules, Regulations and Guidelines for Safe and Considerate Boating on Loon Lake

  • All boats and PWC's must be outfitted with the safety equipment required by New York State Law.
  • All motor boats and PWC's must properly registered. (Registrations kept on board)
  • Registration numbers and current validation stickers must be properly displayed.
  • A U.S.C.G. approved PFD (life jacket) of appropriate size, and in serviceable condition, must be readily available for each passinger on board any boat.
  • Any operator or passenger less than 12 years of age must wear their life preserver.
  • All water skiers or anyone being towed by a boat or PWC must wear a PFD.
  • Water skiing, and other towed activities, require a spotter at least 10 years old.
  • The operator, and any passengers, on a PWC must wear their life preserver regardless of age, and the lanyard engine cut-off must be attached to the operator.
  • Children under 10 years of age may not operate a motorized vessel unless accompanied by a parent or person over 18, except see special rule for PWC's.
  • Children between 10 and 18 years of age may not operate a motorized vessel unless:
    A) they have passed a course and have on board with them their safety certificate, or
    B) they are accompanied by someone over 18. (See special rule for PWC's)
  • New York State law requires all PWC (jet ski) operators to have a safe boating certificate. Certificates issued by many other states are accepted, but absolutely no on-line courses qualify.
  • A serviceable whistle or horn must be on board every motor boat and every PWC.
  • A U.S. Coast Guard approved fire extinguisher must be on every boat except outboard boats of open construction with portable gas tanks such as row boats.
  • LIghts must be on when boats are operated between sunset and sunrise. (Sunset generally occurs about 30 minutes before dar,.) Water skiing is prohibited during hours when lights are required.
  • Except when leaving or returning to a launching or docking area, PWC's cannot be operated:
    A) within 200 feet of the shore, of any raft, dock, vessel or anything or person being towed.
    B) within 500 feet of a designated public swimming area.
  • PWC's cannot be operated before 9:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m.
  • The general speed limit on Loon Lake is 45 mph. However the speed limit is 5 mph within 100 feet of shore, a raft, a dock, or an anchored boat.
  • Operating a boat or PWC while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is also both dangerous and illegal.
  • Operating an overloaded boat is both dangerous and illegal.
  • Reckless operation, such as wake jumping on a PWC, unsafe speed or water skiin in a congested area, or allowing a passenger to ride on an open bow is prohibited.
  • Power boats and PWC's are inherently noisy, especially when operated at higher speeds. Please be considerate of others and do not operate a noisy vessel for extended periods in the same area.

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